Colorado Lifestyle

More than just living – Colorado means a way of life


Unique way of life

Colorado is more than microbrews, bluebird skies, and mountain towns, though we do embrace all those things. Being healthy, finding balance, experiencing nature, and enjoying life to the fullest are hallmarks of our lifestyle envied around the world. Coloradoans work hard for their passions and are in the habit of chasing their dreams. We value people and diversity and the pioneering attitude of the past modernized in today’s context. Aurora offers the best of Colorado and more, with attainability, authentic experiences and an inclusive environment.

Colorado isn’t striving to become the east and west coast – it’s already better

No sacrifices

Attainable living

Compared to the coasts, Colorado offers more for less. Lower costs, competitive income, and attainable housing all exist here. And, Coloradoans don’t sacrifice on things like healthcare, amenities, employment opportunities, or lifestyle. Plus, Aurora has a variety of unique neighborhoods and housing options for everyone.


Diverse experiences. Surrounded by nature. Urban to mountain in minutes.

Surrounded by nature

The great outdoors

Colorado offers more outdoor experiences and beautiful places than we can count. But enjoying nature happens outside of the majestic mountains and closer to the urban core too. Aurora is a gateway to the Rockies but also has plenty of outdoor experiences to offer at home. Think paddleboarding, hiking, golfing, boating, horseback riding – the list goes on and on.

Paddleboarders on the Aurora Reservoir, photo courtesy of Visit Aurora

Creativity everywhere

Vibrant arts and culture

Aurora’s arts and culture scene is an essential part of life and are tied to our community’s identity. Our cultural arts district sits in the center of town but creativity is found everywhere. From live music to community festivals, gallery showings, public art, and world-renowned exhibits, there is an authentic experience for every person here.

Downtown Aurora Visual Arts exhibit, photo courtesy of the City of Aurora



Aurora has shopping, dining, and entertainment options aplenty. But we’re best known for our locally-focused experiences like the well-known Stanley Marketplace, authentic ethnic eateries, and boutique shopping.

Photo courtesy of the Stanley Marketplace

Mass transit

A better commute

Residents and employees in Aurora benefit from the mass transit infrastructure in place connecting the entire Metro area, the airport, and more. Aurora’s R Line light rail runs through the heart of the city with numerous stops along the way. One quick transfer takes riders to Denver International Airport, a major airport hub with quick flight to either coast and many international destinations.

RTD light rail, photograph provided courtesy of Denver International Airport

Cutting edge jobs

Opportunities in the heart of innovation

With a lower unemployment rate than the national average, talented people can easily find high-paying jobs in a variety of industries. Our heavy focus on innovation means world-class job opportunities in cutting edge technologies and companies.