Infrastructure & Utilities

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Clean energy leadership balanced with customer value

Xcel Energy is the largest investor owned utility in Colorado and offers electricity and gas service to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in much of the state including the City of Aurora.  It delivers the trifecta of value – clean, reliable, and affordable energy – and has one of the most aggressive plans to get to a carbon-free future by 2050.  Unlike other utilities in the United States, Xcel Energy’s proactive approach to carbon-free generation has allowed it to continue providing its customers reliability and affordability while aggressively reducing carbon emissions.  Customers in Colorado had less than one outage per year in 2018, a .98 SAIFI score to be precise. On top of this, Xcel Energy offers a best-in-class customer choice portfolio for renewable energy, demand side management, and specialized programs that help businesses take advantage of custom incentives.  

Locating in Aurora means having a leg up because you’re locating in Xcel Energy’s service territory.  You can take advantage of the certified sites program to remove the guesswork from infrastructure in the site selection process.  Or choose the renewable energy options that align with your company’s environmental goals.  Or use energy efficiency programs that can lower your operating costs before you even start construction.  And you can expect predictably affordable energy even as carbon reduction increases.

Lower price

Affordable electricity rates

Colorado electricity rates are generally lower than the national average and states on the coasts like California, New York, and Washington, D.C.

Colorado’s water

As a headwaters state, the majority of Colorado’s water in our rivers originate from snowmelt from the Rocky Mountains.


Broadband service

Overall, internet connection is spread consistently across Colorado and 90% of Coloradans have access to broadband 100 mbps or faster. Aurora has the second highest average download speed at 92.4 mbps among Colorado’s five largest cities, besting Denver and Colorado Springs. Fiberoptic service is available in some areas. Comcast and Lumen Technologies are two of the largest providers.



In addition to having more than 3,000 miles of Class 1 rail track in Colorado, we have 60.1 miles of light rail track and 53 miles of commuter track. We’re also located at a national crossroads of major Interstate Highways – I-25, I-70, and I-76 and the metro loop, E-470.