Comprehensive, client-obsessed economic development


Our priority is your experience

Regardless of the services we are providing, our primary focus is on our clients’ experience and delivering value as economic development experts. We know there are many options for site selection and other services, but our comprehensive approach, deep knowledge of the market, and extensive relationships make us the right choice to partner with.

Your needs, our expertise

For site selectors and site location consultants, we know that collecting the right information is essential for you to deliver analyses to your clients. Whether you self-serve on our website or reach out with specific requests, you can count on us to make the process easy and quick.    

For companies looking to relocate or expand, from project conception to completion and beyond, we are there every step of the way to guide your company through the journey.  Whether you have an established real estate team or are a small startup, we go far beyond traditional services.  Our job is to streamline the experience and become your trusted partner ready to help with whatever you may need.  

For brokers and real estate professionals, we add value for your clients by being the local experts that get deals done.  We provide valuable market intelligence and incentive package creation and negotiation.  Our network and relationships help us guide projects through local processes and connect clients with the right partners they need.    

For developers and land owners, connecting potential users with the right property for their needs is essential.  We partner with you to promote your product in the market and streamline entitlement, zoning, and other processes.  But we also get involved with infrastructure improvement and other essential aspects of the development journey.  Your successful development allows us to attract and retain companies that will drive our local economy. 

Support through the entire development journey 

Choosing a location for your business is only a part of the site selection journey.  With more than 40 years of experience, we’re more than prepared to help companies of any size make Aurora their home.  Involving us from the get-go allows us to best inform and guide you through the process and deliver added value along the way.  But we can jump in at any point to lend a helping hand.  Here’s how we can support you throughout the entire journey.  

Get to know the lay of the land

Even if you are at the very beginning of your site search, we can give you a leg up on collecting data and getting to know Colorado, the Metro area, and Aurora in Adams and Arapahoe Counties.  If you’re further along and want more in-depth insight, we’re ready to help.  We take your privacy seriously and work under the utmost confidentiality.    

Use us to create your short-list 

We use your site selection criteria and our expertise to match you with properties that fit your needs.  

Let’s evaluate the options together

Once you have a short-list, we take a consultative role to aid your decision-making process.

We’ll create a customized package 

We get creative and use all our resources to put together a comprehensive package that maximizes your ROI and delivers on what’s most important to your company.  

Get connected with vendors and local leaders

We leverage our extensive network of partners to give you access to the contacts you need.  Whether you want to get to know local elected officials or are looking for professional services providers, we can connect you to the right people.  

We’ll guide you through local processes

Every project is unique and we’re ready no matter what challenges arise.  

Find the talent you need

Finding the right talent for your company is essential and we have connections throughout the talent pipeline to make this an easy process.    

Let’s share the good news with the community

We believe in celebrating project successes and showcasing our partners in the community. Our team champion projects from beginning to end whether you need assistance positioning your company in the community or want to celebrate a major milestone like a groundbreaking. 

Welcome to the family

Our partnership doesn’t stop when your project is complete.  You’re part of our community, and part of our family.  We’re ready to help with future needs including if your business grows and you are looking to expand.