Transit-Oriented Development

Catalyzing new urban experiences

Strategic planning

Vision for transit-oriented development

Nine years ago and six years before RTD’s R Line light rail began operating, the City of Aurora proactively crafted plans for its light rail stations. The 22-mile line was completed in 2017 and runs through the heart of Aurora along I-225 connecting to major employment centers like the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and to the University of Colorado A Line which takes passengers to Denver International Airport. Two years into operations, nearly 2 million passengers had utilized the R Line. This proactive approach has allowed stakeholders to collaborate on development opportunities at the stations while infrastructure is put in place to facilitate the pedestrian-friendly environment

TOD creates experiences aligned with market preferences

Modern market preferences necessitate more walkable urban settings even in suburban areas with plenty of amenities and mixed-use development to create an experience for residents and employees. Transit-oriented development fits perfectly with this concept, centering development at R Line stations in Aurora that connect to the entire Metro area and the region’s whole workforce.
Expected path

Development progression

As predicted, transit-oriented development has taken shape and followed the expected path – residential first, retail next, commercial last. More than 1,000 residential units, 30,000 square feet of retail, two hotels, and more have already been completed at stations along the R Line. Hundreds of thousands of square feet of office space are anticipated, growing Aurora’s Class A inventory and delivering modern office environments to attract top employers. By locating on the R Line they can access the region’s entire high-quality workforce.
Central opportunity

Metro Center Station

Private and public partners have come together to move forward on developing the 60+ acres of land surrounding the Metro Center Station which is a designated opportunity zone. This prominent site which is anchored by the Aurora Municipal Center, will feature a mixed-use placemaking concept with vibrant residential, hospitality, commercial, and substantial office space.
Employment hub

Colfax Station

This station connects to the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus with its three hospitals, school of medicine, and tens of thousands of employees as well as the Fitzsimons Innovation Community. Residential and retail development has progressed over the last several years here. Plans are now in place for more than 200,000 square feet of Class A office development.