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A modern community that respects its roots

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Community of the world

Aurora is a global community that has been shaped by its history. We are home to one of the most diverse populations in Colorado and the United States. Looking past statistics, you can see a community that truly values the richness created by many cultures coming together to co-exist and thrive. We don’t shy away from our differences – we embrace them. It’s what makes us an authentic community dedicated to respecting its roots and the people who call it home.

Our story

Becoming Aurora

From its beginnings in 1891, the City of Aurora has grown into a world-class community with vibrant cultural roots and a burgeoning diverse population. To understand Aurora today, we look back to the city’s military history, transportation advancements, and how industry flourished from these influences.

Our Story

Military Influence drove Aurora growth

Aurora saw booming growth post-war due to our three military bases: Lowry Air Force Base, Fitzsimons Army Hospital, and Buckley Air Force Base. Since the 1970s, Aurora has doubled in size and our population has grown five-fold to nearly 375,000 residents.

Buckley Air Force Base, photo courtesy of Aurora Chamber of Commerce

Our Story

Diversity makes us stronger

Aurora’s population hails from all over the world. We are a melting pot of cultures, languages, traditions, and experiences. Our people, and the respect we have for their differences, make us a stronger and more welcoming community.

Foreign born by originating country percentage

U.S. Census Bureau, 2018

Our Story

Embracing culture

Look at virtually any area of our community and you will find opportunities to experience and celebrate different cultures. Aurora plays host to numerous cultural events each year including Global Fest, a day to celebrate the unique contributions of the people and cultures that make up Aurora’s global community.

Global Fest in Aurora, photo courtesy of City of Aurora

Our Story

Foodie haven

Food is a great connector of people, and Aurora is known for its foodie experiences that allow you to dive into cultures from around the world. More than 250 independently-operated ethnic restaurants call Aurora home.

Misaki at Stanley Marketplace, photo courtesy Visit Aurora