Stories of Innovation

Inspiration from companies in our community

Myco Technologies uses mushrooms to transform the food industry in Aurora

Myco Technologies is well-known for its innovative solutions to some of the biggest issues in the food industry.  It uses the humble mushroom to solve major industry needs like reducing sugar in food and creating new plant-based proteins and even fixing the flavor profile of food products.  The company grew from only a couple employees to now nearly 100.  To do this, the company used the Fitzsimons Innovation Campus and the resources it offers to bioscience innovators to execute R&D and create a path to commercialize its products.   It is now located in a state-of-the-art facility in Aurora.  

Innovators come to Colorado to get closer to space 

Colorado Air and Space Port in Adams County is one of only 11 space ports in the United States and has already started attracted innovative companies since receiving its designation and license in 2018.  Japanese company PD Aerospace is developing reusable spacecraft that could be used for space tourism, gravity testing, and point-to-point sub-orbital transportation.  UK-based Reaction Engines develops technology needed for a new class of innovative hypersonic propulsion system.  It now has a test facility at Colorado Air and Space Port – a high-temperature airflow test facility where it is currently running a test program to validate the performance of the pre-cooler heat exchanger technology.  

Healthcare innovation starts at the UCHealth CARE Innovation Center in Aurora

Innovation is at home on the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.  In the UCHealth CARE Innovation Center, more than 500 companies have been vetted and 15 startup and 10 multinational partnerships have been created.  It’s here that academia and innovators test, pilot, optimize, and commercialize the most innovative new technologies in healthcare.  Here are a few of the companies working with the CARE Innovation Center:

A solar innovation hub that calls Aurora home

Photo courtesy of SolarTAC

The 74-acre SolarTAC (technology acceleration center) site is the largest test facility for photovoltaic and concentrated solar power technologies in the United States.  It provides a venue for research, demonstration, testing, and validation of a broad range of solar technologies at the early commercial or near-commercial stage of development.  SolarTAC includes common areas for performance validation testing of new solar energy system components, including areas for proprietary testing by its member companies.  

SolarTAC supports testing for:

Printed circuit board assembly company in Colorado spurred by Internet of Things and Industry 4.0

Advanced Assembly is the original and industry-defining quick-turn PCB Assembly service. The company has assembled over 40,000 unique designs in the last decade, more than any other PCB assembly service providers. It created a new way of assembling boards in days – Quick Turn PCB Assembly.  Its team of engineers, innovators, and problem solvers work with customers spurred by the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 to create the foundation (boards) for inspiring innovations around the world.  Its customers include 3M, Apple, Boeing, Delta Airlines, Facebook, Google, Nasa, and more.