Development Momentum

Colorado’s next frontier with room to grow

Aurora development

Future of the region

Aurora is simply the future of the region. Our assets like shovel-ready land, major industry hubs, a superior development experience, proximity to multi-modal transportation corridors, a strong economy, and a network of change-makers with a vision for the future combine to tell the story of why world-class companies and developers have chosen to do business here. Aurora offers ample and diverse development options in prime locations while still maintaining affordability versus other parts of the Metro area, one reason why we’re one of the hottest real estate markets. We have been at the forefront of driving transformational momentum and are the trusted economic development partner with extensive knowledge of the market.


Aurora’s annexations

Aurora has grown significantly over time with several annexations that have expanded its boundaries. The city is now 160.63 square miles of opportunity.


Development focus areas

Opportunity, market potential, and momentum intersect in the City of Aurora, Adams County, and Arapahoe County to create economic development focus areas. Though they are diverse, each area offers significant opportunity for companies to find a home that fits their needs both current and future.

University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, photo courtesy of UCHealth


Real estate spotlight

Our community has prime properties and developments of all types, offering plenty of room to grow. Unlike the central business district in the Metro area which is largely built out, we can accommodate property requirements of any size with both infill and shovel-ready greenfield options. Opportunity Zones, Enterprise Zones, and a Foreign Trade Zone add a layer of added value along with Xcel Energy certified sites and buildings that take the guesswork of infrastructure out of the site selection process.

Infrastructure and utilities

You can expect reliable and affordable utility services with top-in-class offerings that match your company’s energy, water, and broadband needs.
Colorado strength

Economic Vitality

The strong economy in Colorado has created a stable place for development to take place over many decades. Colorado continuously ranks in the top five states in the U.S. for its economic climate, and our GDP growth and other key metrics have consistently outperformed the nation.

Market intelligence

Data and analytics reveal important information about our community. We are the one-stop source for market intelligence including real estate statistics, workforce profiles, economic information, and key trends impacting development.

Light rail

Transit-oriented development

Aurora’s R Line light rail runs through the heart of the city, connecting to the entire Metro area, Denver International Airport, the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, and more. Transit-oriented development (TOD) is underway at numerous stations along the line, creating new office, retail, and residential product featuring walkability and inclusive experiences in an urban environment.

RTD light rail, photo courtesy of RTD


Capital improvements

Strategic capital improvement projects have transformed the Metro area, the City of Aurora, Adams County and Arapahoe County, spurring development activity. These include road and highway projects, utility and water upgrades, and more. We actively champion and lead these types of initiatives based on their value to economic development and the catalytic power they can have on our community.
On deck

Current Initiatives

Learn more about what we are currently working on to drive economic development momentum.