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What sets us apart

An experience designed for you

all approach that doesn’t work for all stakeholders. Or they have overcomplicated processes that aren’t customer-friendly. In a business where time is money and each project is unique, these aren’t optimal conditions. The City of Aurora, Adams County, and Arapahoe County offer a different experience designed around what matters most to stakeholders and project leaders. The Aurora Economic Development Council adds another layer of partnership and value. It sets Aurora apart from other communities in Colorado and across the nation and is a driving factor in the development momentum we’ve created.

Why our experience is better

Throughout the development journey, you can expect your project to progress in an environment of partnership and collaboration.  Here are a few reasons why your experience in Aurora and Adams and Arapahoe Counties will be better than in other communities.  


We are well-known for having predictable and accurate processes and timelines. It’s why companies like Amazon have chosen to keep developing their business in our community.  We commit to moving your project forward, so you don’t have to worry about potential delays.  And we even have online tools like a permit fee calculator so you can anticipate expenses. This gives you and your stakeholders peace of mind.   

Speed and Efficiency

Aurora has streamlined everything to increase speed and efficiency saving you time and money.  Our site plan review and entitlement processes have much quicker timelines than many other jurisdictions.  We set you up for success with pre-submittal meetings to ensure plans are ready for the city’s review to keep the process moving.  And you can submit all your plans electronically through an online platform.  

Real People, Personalized Service

City staff are available throughout the process and you can expect regular communication and meetings with experts and project managers assigned to your project.  Unlike many other cities, Aurora even has in-person permitting services.  We know that getting everyone in a room is sometimes the most efficient way to work through issues and questions.  Whatever you need, your project team is ready and willing to collaborate.   


Aurora offers comprehensive online tracking tools that allow you to check the status of your project at any point in the process.  But we don’t hide behind the screen of a computer.  Your project manager is a go-to resource if you want more information or have questions.  We’re here to collaborate and make sure everyone is on the same page.  

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We’re your navigator, guide, confidant, and partner

Working with the Aurora Economic Development Council means that you have a strong advocate in your corner. We work closely with the City of Aurora, Adams County, and Arapahoe County and have good working relationships with city and county staff. We can help further streamline your project, provide expertise and advice, and ensure that any issues are either proactively addressed or rectified quickly. It’s all part of our suite of services.