Incentives & Rebates

Diverse options for your company


Creating a customized package

The Aurora Economic Development Council creates a comprehensive package based on a number of factors that determine the project’s impact. While not all projects quality for traditional incentives, we have access to many special programs and incentive zones that can help the bottom line.

Local Incentives

Local Tax Waivers

The City of Aurora can issue partial sales/use tax rebates on new equipment and construction materials on a case by case basis.  There is an automatic exemption for qualified manufacturers mirroring the state statute.  All incentives are performance driven.  The average wage of the employees associated with the operation must be above the average in the respective county.

Counties can abate a percentage of the property tax liability based on the personal and real property investment over time.  Employers must meet certain investment thresholds as well as pay employees an average wage above the county average.

All incentive inquiries are coordinated by our staff.  Complete financial analysis and economic impact modeling is required and while we make recommendations for incentive packages, approval is at the discretion of the local elected body. 


The City of Aurora will fast-track entitlements by running concurrent processes when appropriate, cutting time to market.  Our staff facilitates exploring this possibility.

State Incentives

The State of Colorado offers more than 30 different incentive-related programs from tax credits to job training programs to grants and more.  Our staff can help evaluate these opportunities and connect with the Office of Economic Development and International Trade to ensure that projects are considered for these options.  

State incentives