Industry Catalysts

Innovation stems from talented people, an inspiring lifestyle, and forward-thinking industry

Changing the world

Talent fed by Colorado’s inspiration

Colorado offers one of the strongest talent pools in the United States that feeds our diverse and interconnected industries. From education to lifestyle to business mindset, Colorado is inspiring – and it is home to people and companies that are focused on changing the world.


Culture of innovation

True innovation, embedded in industry, education, and business, is a major part of our identity. World-class innovation hubs have made their home in Aurora. They attract impactful investment enabling Colorado companies to create, innovate, and drive towards the future.

Thriving industries

Our industry clusters and top employers create a network that embodies Colorado collaboration. Feeding off one another, they have grown side-by-side to create diverse and equally strong industries – a unique story not always evident in other regions.

Focus on people

Diversity-driven talent

Talented people make companies great. And Colorado is known for its standout talent pool boasting high education rates and sought-after skillsets. Diving deeper, Aurora offers diverse and increasingly millennial talent, suited for the industries here now and those growing on the horizon.
More than living

Colorado lifestyle

Colorado offers an environment of balance with unparalleled access to the great outdoors and a lifestyle envied across the world. Aurora offers the best of this and more with authentic experiences and appealing elements that deliver a high quality of life and attract top talent.
Creating talent

Education ecosystem

The education ecosystem in Colorado includes world-class institutions that both attract and create high-quality talent. From traditional paths to vocational programs, industry is involved to ensure we create the talent needed now and in the future.