Global Connectivity

Connecting people, places, and things


Multi-modal sweet spot

We sit on major transportation corridors and mass transit arteries, next to an international airport, and on major freight, commuter, and passenger rail lines. Companies can efficiently and cost-effectively move people and products across Colorado, the U.S., and the world in the ways that best suit their business.

RTD A Rail Line, photo courtesy of Denver International Airport


Easy access

Aurora properties have easy access to all major transportation corridors.
Air Travel

International Gateway

Having an international airport in a major metro area isn’t unique. But Denver International Airport isn’t your run-of-the-mill airport. DEN’s strategy of adding domestic and international connections to drive business travel and cargo volume has opened access to the world. Being located next door to DEN and in the center of the U.S. means having easy access to both coasts, Europe, Asia, and pretty much anywhere else in the world. International collaboration is just a flight away.
Future solutions

Transportation innovation

As in any metropolitan area, growth comes with changing transportation needs. Finding answers for our community comes down to innovation – from last mile solutions to future-forward transportation technology, to the prospect of commercial space travel.