Diversity-Driven Talent

Diversity makes our talent special

Our advantage

Diversity in talent

Aurora’s diverse population means it is one of the most valuable talent pools in the nation. Being different and recognizing the value of those differences makes us stronger. While education and skillsets are important, diversity adds another layer to talent. A workforce that has varied perspectives, languages, cultural insights, and experiences allows companies to foster innovation and creativity, connect with new markets, and create an environment of inclusion that supports top talent attraction and retention.
Our differences

Aurora is more diverse

Aurora’s population is significantly more diverse than the Metro area and Colorado. Nearly two times more citizens were born outside the U.S in Aurora versus the Metro area. And Aurora’s racial diversity is more than 25% higher than Colorado’s population.

Impacting the bottom line

Diversity, innovation, and the bottom line are tied together. According to the Harvard Business Review, companies with above average overall diversity had 19% higher innovation revenues and 9% higher EBIT margins on average. Companies utilizing our community’s talent pool can positively impact their bottom line.

Attracting talent

Increasingly millennial

Attracted by Aurora’s balance of urban and suburban environments and affordability, millennials now amount to nearly a quarter of the city’s population – double the percent of millennials in the Metro area. Companies seeking millennial talent that locate in Aurora gain the added benefit of talent retention, as millennials prefer communities that offer jobs, homes, and experiences in a centralized area.
Educated talent

Colorado education reigns

Colorado’s talent consistently ranks in the top among states in the US. This is supported by our world-class educational system’s talent development and the attraction of high-quality talent migrating to Colorado. Employers in Aurora generally have access to the entire Metro area workforce making it easier to find qualified employees, a challenge in many other parts of the country.
7th in the U.S.

Top in tech

The Metro area has risen to the level of top tech hubs like the Bay Area, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.,. CBRE now ranks it 7th for tech markets in the United States. This has driven a strong attraction of millennials and educated tech talent. When compared to the coasts, we can offer tech companies an advantage – the combination of top talent and a more affordable cost of doing business.
Top states

Talent migration

Colorado’s lifestyle, employment opportunities, and advantages versus the east and west coasts, have made the state a top target for qualified talent looking to relocate. In 2018, 277,000 people migrated to Colorado.

Workforce Development Partners

Aurora EDC collaborates with workforce development partners locally and across Colorado to ensure our industries have access to the talent they need.  We ensure our clients connect with the talent pipeline in every deal we work on.  

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